Because the world needs FreshWater
FreshWater Engineering has joined Anchor QEA, a nationally recognized environmental and engineering consulting firm specializing in aquatic, shoreline, and water resource projects. Together, Anchor QEA and FreshWater Engineering will continue to help clients build resilient ecosystems, restore local habitats, and protect the land and water on which communities and organisms depend on. Details of the merger can be found at this link: FreshWater Engineering Joins with Anchor QEA to Expand Water Resources Services 
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About Us

FreshWater Engineering specializes in hydrodynamic modeling, hydrographic surveying, fluvial geomorphology, ecosystem restoration, sustainable stormwater management, and coastal engineering. We are eager to work with clients to solve the most difficult water-related problems.


Our Work

Hydrodynamic Modeling

We model fluid flows in the natural and built environments using industry-leading FLOW-3D software