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Our Services

Hydrodynamic Modeling

We use state-of-the-art FLOW-3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model a wide variety of flows. Find out how CFD can be used as a valuable design, analysis, and optimization tool for your project.

Ecosystem Restoration

Healthy rivers and wetlands are vital for the movement and quality of water. FreshWater works to assess, design, and construct rivers, streams, and wetlands to restore important functions to our landscapes.

River Assessments

Our engineers are experts in fluvial processes and geomorphology, and love to get their hands dirty and boots wet. FreshWater provides flood analysis, erosion assessment, historical investigation, and field surveying services.

Coastal Engineering

FreshWater provides a variety of coastal engineering services, including wave studies, erosion assessment, shoreline protection, and hydrodynamic modeling of coastal processes, such as sediment transport.

Hydrographic Surveying

We provide hydrographic surveying services to clients seeking assistance with underwater site investigation, sediment investigations, and dredge/fill operations to improve the success of critical projects.

Stormwater Management

FreshWater is committed to finding solutions to difficult stormwater managent problems. Green infrastructure solutions can help solve stormwater, water quality, and streambank erosion problems.

Additional Services

Flood Impact Assessments

Water Quality Compliance

Sustainable Design

Permitting Assistance

Green Infrastructure

Water Level Monitoring

Shoreline Protection

Combined Sewer Mitigation

GIS Analysis

Technical Review

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