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Hydrodynamic Modeling

FreshWater performs multi-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling to address our clients' most challenging problems. Our computational fluid dynamics modeling capabilities can realistically and efficiently simulate fluid flows in the natural and built environments.

FreshWater uses industry leading FLOW-3D software to simulate free-surface flows in one, two, and three dimensions. Multidimensional CFD modeling provides detailed understanding of transient and complex flows. CFD modeling eliminates the assumptions and uncertainties of other modeling without the cost of physical scale models. Our modeling capabilities include spillway design, fish passage, contaminant and sediment transport, river hydraulics, wastewater system design, and more.

Project Highlights

Little Falls Dam Stilling Basin CFD Analysis

FreshWater performed CFD modeling and analysis of a proposed stilling basin design at Little Falls Dam in Willow River State Park. Modeling simulated 1, 2, and 100 year flood flows at the dam and investigated overtopping, flow patterns, and forces on energy dissipating blocks in the stilling basin. Results helped the engineering team validate the design under extreme flows before construction.

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